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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Trying this to see how blogger works. Don't expect anything of interest in this blog.

Decided to NOT plant seeds today, will wait for a week or so until possibility of freeze/hard frost is over.

The Bradford Pear tree at the bottom of the yard is partially in bloom...this has been going on for several days now. I don't remember it blooming before during this century, but Beverly thinks it has.

We saw a Chipping Sparrow in the yard this morning.

Our neighbors across the street, the Bluedorns showed up last night. Haven't talked to them yet to see why they returned from Florida early ... I wasn't expecting them until the first weekend in June. Maybe they just came along with the other migrating birds.

We're headed to Union City this afternoon to visit with Beverly's parents and sister Marilyn this evening.

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