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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mulching Waterboy

I emulated Gunga Din today and picked up 13 gallons of spring water at the Leesburg Community Water Association facility just upstream from the Springfield Falls. We use the water to make coffee and ice tea. I also drink it plain. Beverly prefers bottled water, so she drinks the Deer Park water we buy at Costco.

We have a well and I do have the water tested periodically, so it is drinkable. However, it's a bit acidic and contains a lot of iron. So we pump soda ash into it and run it through a water softener to make it usable and not eat up our pipes. We prefer to not drink our own treated water.

Also, I had three cubic yards of mulch delivered today. They dropped it in the driveway and I'm now busily shoveling it into my wheelbarrow and distributing it around the yard. It really improves the looks of the yard and keeps the weeds down.

Rain is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, so I'd like to get the mulch all distributed tomorrow and also mow the grass again.


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